We have moved!

Hi folks,
A big news, the main shop of COGOO has moved to
The Wastelands sim (just next Malady Bog!).
Please take the new landmark below.

[[[ COGOO ]]] @The Wastelands

Hope to see you soon!


Steam the Hunt 5!

Hi folks,
the biggest steampunk hunt in the secondlife came back!
Our hunt gift called 'Vintage scope' is waiting for you all


Hint, "cat loves higher place."
...Good luck!!

[[[COGOO]]] Vintage scope (Steam the hunt 5 gift)


Depraved Urban Wreckage Hunt!

Hi folks,
here is the Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt gift from COGOO.
Enjoy the summer!

[[[COGOO]]] Good day hat 
(Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt gift)

[[[COGOO]]] @Malady bog


New trailer house!

Hi folks,
Our new folklore style trailer house on sale only at the main shop!

 [[[COGOO]]] Redneck trailer house
94 prims / mod / copy / no trans
ground size 18 x 17m


New products for the summer!

Hi folks,
Here's more information of new products for the summer!

[[[COGOO]]] Black snow goggles

[[[COGOO]]] Kinoko family


Skate'n Surf hunt & The Silk Road Hunt 2

Hi folks,
Skate'n Surf hunt & The Silk Road Hunt 2 are on at COGOO
main shop (Malady bog sim).

[[[COGOO]]] Skater pants (Skate'n Surfgift)

 [[[COGOO]]] Exotic shoes (The Silk Road Hunt 2 gift)

[[[COGOO]]] @Malady Bog